Friday, 3 February 2012

Words of Wisdom

This is for the Gingersnap Creations Challenge which is 'Words of Wisdom'. I don't know why, but when I post a photo on here it's not as sharp as it should be! So, you can't really make out the words!!! It says 'You've got every right to a beautiful life'
It's clear enough on everywhere else! How annoying! If you click on the pic it comes up clearer!


Gingersnap Stampers said...

Stunning piece! Thanks for playing the Gingersnap Creations Words of Wisdom Challenge!

ArtChick said...

Your piece is beautiful. Love the vintage photo and the quote!

ArtChick said...

Just on a side note about your blurry image...Blogger scales down the images we upload to be around 400pixels wide. And what a lot of people do, and I'm guessing may be what you're doing, is that after the image is uploaded you are "dragging" it to make it bigger. When you do that, it worsens the photo quality. Any time you take a smaller photo and try to make it bigger it will worse its quality. When people click on the image they see its true quality because it hasn't been made smaller by Blogger, and then enlarged by dragging.

So, if you want to avoid the blur problem you have three choices.
1) Don't drag to enlarge the photos. Let folks click on it to see it's true quality.
2) Use another photo hosting instead (instead of uploading to Blogger) and link to the photo in the HTML of the post so that it displays full size.
3) Change the display size in the HTML of the post so that it displays the full size.

I always go with Option 1 myself (just preference because it's easiest and less work, and most people know that if you click on an image it will be full size quality). But of course it's up to you. Oh, and you can also try using PNG format images instead, since they are a lossless format--although JPG is better for photos.

Hope this helps. :)

Dawn said...

Thanks for the tip about the photos! Just couldn't work out why it was happening X

Ali Manning said...

This is sooo beautiful - thanks for the inspiration!